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About this page

This page was created for a creative writing worshop, where the participants where to get a "Letter Salad" and had to write a story based on it. I cut out the details here. To create the salad we, the workshop-organizers took some sentences and one of us wrote a Python script to mix the letters. I thought, maybe we will want to do this again and might have some convenience by having a website doing the trick. On another level of thought, I realized that, being the beginner in JavaScript that I am (in Python, I would have written a similar script in a short time, without googeling), that this might be a good opportunity to have a look at how JavaScript handles strings. Some searches on MDN and Stackoverflow later, I was able to reproduce this functionality. That's all there is to it. I learned something about Strings, String Objects, the use of regular expressions, Prototypes and how to change their methods and other things. Quite a lot for such an easy task and such a short program.